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Take care of a perfect retreat

How do you imagine your retreat? Staying in a fantastic hotel right next to the blooming Spa Park or a genuine local pulse in a vineyard in the middle of unspoiled nature?

Experience imperial comfort

Retreat is your chance to pamper. Relax in the staff hospitality, luxury ambiance, and bed comfort. Did you know that even emperors and empresses once slept in our rooms? Experience this feeling of luxury.

Would you sleep in the countryside?

In the morning you will be awakened by bird singing and the look at the green vineyards. Believe me, the first morning coffee in the company of vines and fragrant grapes has a completely different taste. Ideal for anyone looking for an authentic experience.

Do you like to follow modern trends?

Look for comfort in a designer ambiance, smart equipment, superior quality and smart technology. Keep your staying in Rogaška Slatina at a level far from the average. Conformity, beauty and comfort are a luxury that you can afford.

Find your own accommodation?

For a perfect retreat you can choose from a wide range of accommodations, each of which is special.

Experience Rogaška Slatina

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