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Along the path of beauty and wellness

Show your beauty to the world

Have you always desired to feel like a goddess? The effects of pampering and professional care in Rogaska Slatina will also be visible outward. Let yourself go into the hands of experienced masseurs, immerse yourself in a beneficial mineral bath and feel the invigorating power of the saunas. Pampering in pools and wellness centers with emphasis on Rogaska mineral and thermal water will make sure your skin is beautiful and tense.

Why come to Rogaška Slatina for beauty?

We will help you with professional services

Trust experienced professionals who will advise you on the right treatments and the most effective products for your skin needs.

High-quality cosmetic products and services

Restore your beautiful, healthy and well-groomed look with Kozmetika Afrodita products, the world-renowned brand from Rogaska Slatina.

Treat your body with pampering

Are you interested in why wellness in Rogaska Slatina is different? Our wellness and spa programs for relaxation and well-being have a local touch.

Test the power of natural water and other local factors

Test the power of natural water with magnesium, mud and other local factors in massages, baths and other therapies.

Take care of your shiny and healthy skin

We will help you with professional procedures, quality products and modern cosmetic appliances technology. The goal is a youthful and shiny facial skin, firm body skin and last but not least a groomed hairstyle.

We are also home to the Slovenian House of Beauty. Kozmetika Afrodita is known for high quality cosmetics and services, also outside Slovenia's borders. For almost half a century, it has met the desires and needs of women, men and children's skin.

Do you need aesthetic dermatology services?

The skin suffers the consequences of stress, irregular nutrition and excessive sunbathing. With the help of a proper therapy, wrinkles, age spots, stretch marks, scars, thinning hair and other aesthetic problems can be alleviated. However, with individually adapted anti-aging procedures, you can maintain a youthful look.

Choose pampering in wellness centers!

Take time for the two of you, for pampering for two. The private SPA package offers relaxation in an intimate, romantic bath for two with candles, champagne and pleasant music. Enjoy the warmth of the Finnish and Turkish saunas and just indulge on the comfort of a waterbed.

Detoxify your body

Choose a healthy weight loss under professional guidance. With programs that include mineral water with magnesium, healthy diet, detox purification and top quality treatments, you will effectively lose weight and remodel your body.

Pampering, relaxation and beauty

Pamper your skin with professional facial treatments, relax your body in exclusive wellness centers, and take care of a groomed and youthful look.

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