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Why do you also need Donat?

Natural mineral water Donat has a unique composition that clinically proven stimulates digestion. Did you know that it contains the most natural magnesium among all mineral waters in the world? Because magnesium works in more than 300 biochemical processes, your body needs it.

We recommend that you drink Donat every day for preventative purposes - for health and well-being.

Do you suffer from constipation?

A modern way of life with rapid pace, disordered eating, lack of movement is the common cause of problems with slow digestion and constipation. Because of sulphate salts and high levels of magnesium, Donat is an eccellent natural osmotic laxative.

Why drink Donat?

Donat contributes to reducing fatigue and exhaustion, helps eliminate constipation and obesity, excessive secretion of gastric acid and heartburn. Choose the right drinking therapy to solve your problems.

Research confirms its effect

A clinical research of its effects confirmed that Donat has beneficial impacts on digestion. The research was carried out in 2015 at the Berlin Institute Analyze & Realize.

Composition of Donat water

Natural mineral water got its name from nearby Donačka Gora mount. In the depths of 280 to 660 m, it has dissolved rocks and drained out of the soil rich in minerals for millennia.

The rich content of magnesium, sodium, hydrogen carbonates, sulphates, and their combination, are the reason why Donat has a beneficial effect on many health problems and the preservation of health. It is used for therapeutic and preventive purposes and is one of the few in the world that is suitable for permanent drinking.

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