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Discover Rogaška Slatina

Tired? Drink a glass of water.

Unique natural mineral water

Slatina mineral water has the highest natural magnesium content in the world, that’s why it has many positive effects. It stimulates, regenerates, cleanses, rejuvenates and even heals.

400 years of excellence

Spend your retreat with the best company

In its centuries-old history, Rogaska Slatina has been visited by a number of important personalities that helped to create the health resort prestigious reputation. Today, there is an oasis of peace where tradition and modernity intertwine.

The legend of Pegasus

There is a special legend about Rogaska Slatina ... Pegasus, the mythological winged horse, discovered something unique.

When he hit the ground with his hoof, water gushed out. This is the richest magnesium-containing natural mineral water in the world.

The legend lives today, while our guests discover new experiences day after day.

Choose your own retreat

Are you interested in health, beauty or special experiences? Discover the power of healing magnesium, try the wellness centers offers, enjoy a break or pampering for two and experience the unique Rogaska Slatina. Choose a package that meets your desires and accommodations, in which you will feel comfortable.

On the doorstep of European cities

Rogaška Slatina is situated in eastern Slovenia, an excellent starting point for reaching the major European cities and international airports. It is only about 100 km away from Ljubljana, Zagreb and Graz, while the Italian Trieste is just twice the distance away. Good connections with most European cities allow you to visit this green destination, which is famous for its natural beauty, healthy water, rich cultural heritage and luxury wellness offer, in a short time and by any means of transport.

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