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Along the path of health

Entrust your health to knowledge and nature

Rogaška Slatina is a Slovenian natural spa with a rich tradition. It boasts a four-hundred-year tradition, with healing springs of world-famous and recognized mineral water Donat, a top quality medical center and a clean natural environment.

Why come to Rogaška Slatina for health?

Water with the highest magnesium content

Natural mineral water Donat has the highest magnesium content in the world, that’s why it has incredible effects. It stimulates, regenerates, cleanses, rejuvenates and even heals.

400 years of knowledge

Rogaška Slatina is a popular European health resort, combining the 400-year tradition of knowledge with today’s modern spirit.

Health services and medical examinations in one place

Highly qualified professionals carry out medical examinations in specialist clinics. They use the most advanced diagnostic equipment that provides accurate results and effective treatment.

The largest private medical center

Rogaska Medical Center gathers together 50 doctors and a comprehensive range of health services and medical wellness programs.

For health in Rogaška Slatina

Take care of your health in time. The providers of medical services in Rogaska Slatina are mainly focused on prevention, rehabilitation and further treatment of gastroenterological and endocrine disorders and post-operative conditions. They also offer relaxation and rejuvenation procedures.

Try water with magnesium

Mineral water Donat is unique in the world because it has the highest content of natural magnesium. A rich mineral composition gives it a beneficial and healing power. Feel its positive effects and enjoy a drinking therapy that will help you feel better.

What do we heal?

Do you have thyroid or overweight problems? Do you need physiotherapy or magnetic resonance? Our specialization is the treatment and relief of chronic gastroenterological, metabolic, management and psychosomatic diseases.

Select a comprehensive health therapy program

The basis of therapeutic procedures is the rich with magnesium Donat water - like drinking therapy and balneotherapy. The individually tailored program is based on expert diagnostics and is carried out under expert medical supervision.

Health centers offers

Discover the providers and services that will help you eliminate your pathological conditions or alleviate problems associated with them.

Experience Rogaška Slatina

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