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Can you hear it? It's a whisper from the past.

Listen and discover the stories hidden behind the walls of cultural heritage sites. These are the stories of locals and visitors who, during different historical periods, walked along the paths of the Spa Park, danced in the Crystal Hall, admired art in Ana’s Gallery, and toasted in Pivnica, the Hall of mineral waters.

All about the location in one place

Have you visited Ana’s Place yet? Here you will learn about Rogaška Slatina tradition and main attractions. Discover five thematically colored museum collections: glassware, graphic,local history with a collection of famous signatures, park and water collections.

Take a walk through the spa park

There are many attractions among the flowering beds and greenery. From Pavilion Tempel, Pivnica Hall of mineral waters and St. Ana’s Chapel to the European platform and the statue of the winged Pegasus with a golden hoof. Worth a walk!

Get to know Ana

Ana is an important part of Rogaška Slatina. She is the spa patron saint and a city symbol - Did you know that on Saint Ana’s day Rogaška Slatina celebrates its municipal holiday? Ana also appears in the designation of numerous buildings and events.

Take time for culture

Many attractions and sights will show you Rogaška Slatina true pulse and the spirit of the time it creates.

Experience Rogaška Slatina

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