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Along the path of experiences

Take advantage of the time you have

There are so many things you need to try, taste, explore, watch and listen to! These are the experiences that will fill your soul. And your Instagram profile. Come to nature and breathe with full lungs, explore local cuisine and precious wines from the surrounding hills, take a walk through the prestigious forms of hand-blown crystals, and in the warm summer evenings, listen to the fascinating open-air concerts.

Why come to Rogaška Slatina for experiences?

Relaxation in nature’s embrace

A walk in the shade of a mighty avenue on the Spa Park promenade has a special charm. It calms and helps you feel better. Climb to nearby peaks and fill with energy.

The largest hand-made crystal production in the world

Take a look at how the prestigious Steklarna Rogaška crystal is created by the hands of glass-blowers using the fire light. In the Crystal Hall of Grand Hotel Rogaska, you can admire hand-made crystal chandellers.

Discover the top quality Rogaška wines

Take a ride along Rogaška Wine Road! Experienced wine consultants and tasters will present you the richness of flavors of the wines produced in this area.

Gourmet pleasures for your taste

Taste the authentic local cuisine with a scent from the past and our grandmothers’dishes. Get to know jerpica, a leavened cake, zavihjenča, a pastry filled with curd cheese, and mlinčofka, a multi-layer bread from home wood-fired ovens and the customs that accompany them.

Entertainment for all generations

Enjoy the cultural and entertaining pulse throughout all seasons. Summer invites you to the traditional Anina Festival (Ana’s Festival) in the open air, and, in winter, visit the magical Crystal Village.

Come to the entertainment events for all generations

Enjoy the cultural and entertaining pulse at any time of the year. In Summer, we invite you to the music-coloured Anin festival. In Rogaška Slatina very heart you will be pampered by the sounds of classical, jazz and pop music. In winter, in the Crystal Village, you’ll be able to warm up with hot dance rhythms. Do not miss the hotel social activities that are also intended for outside guests.

Top 5 touristic attractions

These touristic attractions are a "must-see", so do not leave Rogaška Slatina without seeing them.

Try local cuisine!

Rogaška Slatina cuisine is based on traditional local dishes, but follows the latest gastronomic trends. The culinary offer is adapted to the seasons and enriched with the top wines of surrounding wine-growers.

Going around by bike

Our cycling routes will impress you, as you’ll be able to see numerous natural and cultural sights along the way. Take a ride to the picturesque Vonarje Lake along the popular cycling route between Rogaska Slatina and Podcetrtek!

Genuine flavours, activities and people

Rogaška Slatina is a source of health and well-being. See for yourself! You will be filled with fresh energy thanks to the activities in the surrounding nature and meetings with friendly locals who will pour you a glass of wine and offer home-made goodies.

Experience Rogaška Slatina

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