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Take time for food, do not rush. And be picky. Treat yourself and your body with the finest tastes, the most beautiful colors and the top quality ingredients. Everything begins with a scent. Rogaška Slatina restaurants and inns always smell, after this and that. Local and near. What did you just want? A genuine home-made dish or a culinary innovation? Let us give you a friendly hint: do not forget about house specialties, which usually attract most gourmets to the table.

Discover Rogaška Slatina Flavours

Rogaška Slatina is a destination with a rich glassmaking tradition, which has also significantly marked the local inhabitants and cuisine. Traditional dishes were modest, made from ingredients that people produced themselves. Today, the dishes are updated, but they reflect the spirit of the tradition and the stories that were written in this area. Get to know and taste them in three different ways, in three Glassworks Lunch packages.

Taste typical local dishes

Some flavors and aromas are always impressed on memory. Especially those that are different and therefore even more interesting for taste buds. Be sure to try our most characteristic - jerpica, a leavened cake, zavihjenča, a pastry filled with curd cheese, and mlinčofka, a multi-layer bread

Do you enjoy the smells of the goodies from the past?

In Junež Farm they care of preserving culinary memories and traditions. They’ll bring back old habits for you and serve authentic delicacies from their wood-fired oven.

Discover excellent wines

Walk along Rogaška Wine Road and visit our numerous wineries. Experienced wine consultants and wine tasters will present you the richness of the flavors of wines produced in the area.

Gourmet pleasures for your taste

Discover local restaurants, inns, tourist farms and wineries! Taste the excellent culinary offer and the offer of local wine makers.

Experience Rogaška Slatina

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