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Zdraviliški trg 9, 3250 Rogaška Slatina

One of the largest private healthcare institutions in Slovenia

Rogaška Medical Center is one of the largest private healthcare institutions in Slovenia, it brings together a team of top experts (of which more than 50 medical specialists) who provide medical services, specialist examinations and diagnostics in the fields of: balneology, gastroenterology, cardiology, radiology ( including MR), dermatology, aesthetic plastic surgery, hand and vascular surgery, gynecology, urology, allergology as wella as pulmonology, orthopedics, physiatrics, otorhinolaryngology, neurology ... supported by a top clinical laboratory as well as procedures in the field of physiotherapy, cosmetics, massage and pampering and acupuncture.

Highly qualified professional staff perform examinations in specialized outpatient clinics with the most advanced diagnostic equipment, which provides accurate results and effective treatment, and aim for an individual approach with personallized programs.


Balneology is a science that studies different types of treatments with natural remedies such as natural mineral water for drinking therapies, baths, inhalations and mud wraps. In Rogaška Medical Center doctors, on the basis of careful examination and discussion with guests or patients, advise on the type, sequence and proper combination of procedures.

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