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A special experience is a walk along the promenade with well-arranged promenades, greenery and flower beds. So many greenery and fragrant flowers always help to make a pleasant well-being. And right here, among flowering billets and landscaped greenery, a lot of attractions are waiting for you. In the central part of the park there is the unique classicist former Health Spa Home (today GH Rogaška), famous for its famous Crystal Hall and the representative Tempel Pavilion. Walking from the European platform, you can discover many other attractions: the monument of the National Liberation Struggle (NOB), the monument of Count Attems (the Spa founder), the Weather house, the natural rarity of the gingko tree (Ginkgo biloba), the statue of Boris Kidrič, a copy of the statue of saint Janez Nepomuk (the original is stored in Ana’s Palace Museum). In the vicinity there are preserved and living natural springs - the Forest and Ivan's spring.

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