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Pamper yourself in pools!

Bathing is available in hotel and Rogaška Riviera pools, where you can find a place for recreation and various types of water massages. Swimming in pleasant warm thermal-mineral waters also provides relaxation of tired muscles, binders and joints. In addition you can fill up with energy in saunas.

Why visit Rogaška Riviera pools in Rogaška Slatina?

The location is famous for exceptional quality water as it is available in Rogaška Riviera swimming pools, numerous water massage options that favorably affect the inflammation and degenerative joints and soft tissue disorders, as well as people who recover after treatment. All these elements promote post-traumatic treatment, provide a wonderful feeling of rejuvenation and lightness. The water temperature in pools is from 27 to 36°C.


T: +386 3 818 19 50

Working time in 2019
Indoor pools: Friday, 12th April - Sunday, October 6th, 2019
Outdoor pools: Friday, June 21st - Sunday, September 1st, or 8th, 9th 2019 (scheduled)

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