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400 years of tradition

Leading Slovenian health institution

We perform comprehensive medical treatment of patients and an individually tailored health programme based on natural healing factors, as well as the long-term development of top professional programmes.

Health Spa Treatment

Prevention, treatment and rehabilitation

Rogaška Slatina Spa Resort is the only spa resort in Slovenia that focuses on the prevention, further treatment and rehabilitation of patients with digestive system problems and of those with metabolic diseases.

Why visit us?

Rogaška Spa Resort with Medical Center Rogaška is one of the largest private institutions in Slovenia, specialized in the treatment and alleviation of chronic gastroenterological, metabolic, managerial and other diseases.

Pivnica, Hall of Mineral Water

Donat drinking treatment in combination with selected therapies is indispensable in eliminating constipation, obesity, excessive gastric acid secretion and heartburn problems.

Preventive managerial check-ups

After the age of 40, it is necessary to carry out a preventive examination to confirm the individual's health or discover a potential threat in time.

Health packages

Our centre puts together a team of top and renowned experts from various fields of medicine. Choose your health and wellness programme!

Specialist medical examinations

In our centre, we perform specialist examinations and services according to a referral from your personal doctor.

Our excellence is proven by:

The ACI-Platinum certificate
In December 2017 the reviewers determined that the quality of our work and services is on such a high level, that they awarded us the ACI-Platinum certificate, which is a level higher than the previous ACI-Gold certificate. The good results are just a confirmation that we are on the right path to achieve an even better and more successful goal for the benefit of our guests.

The international accreditation, Accreditation Canada Gold
In 2014, we obtained the Accreditation Canada Gold certification that proves the excellent quality of our services and the safety of our procedures according to the international standards of excellency in the quality of health treatment.

Certificate of Slovenian quality
The right to use this symbol may only be obtained by enterprises with good business results and a high quality of products and/or services. The acquired SQ mark represents a competitive advantage over other companies as it is a synonym for the Slovenian high quality.

Association of Slovenian Natural Spas

Rogaška Slatina Spa Resort is part of the Skupnosti slovenskih naravnih zdravilišč (Association of Slovenian Natural Spas), SSNZ, which gathers together fourteen of the best spa resorts in the country. SSNZ mission is to preserve and develop balneology, one of the oldest interdisciplinary medical sciences.

The result of combined experience, knowledge and marketing plans is spa tourism, which belongs to the most recognizable and successfully developed tourist areas in Slovenia.

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