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A crystal clear choice

One of the world's finest crystal manufacturers has a rich legacy of ancestors from this area. The products are still manually made, while the master glass makers are using the latest technology. Wonderful design and quality of brushed and engraved products can be found at the Rogaška Glassworks Sales Shop, where you can buy products. On the tourist route, you will get to know all the interesting stages of production - from glass blowing to final packaging.

Crystal for all occasions

Rogaška glassworks factory is a proud sponsor of sports and cultural events, and the Protocol of the Republic of Slovenia gives with pride crystal to world leaders. The winners of beauty competitions are even more glittering in crystal brilliance while gourmets appreciate it as a compulsory companion of top culinary masterpieces. Also known to the world of show business Rogaška Glassworks crystal has a role in many Hollywood movies while Slovenian musicians, are looking forward to winning cups with Rogaška signatures at music festivals.

Did you know?

  • Already in 1930, Rogaška Glassworks products were sold in the USA, in BLOOMINGDALE stores chain.
  • Rogaška Glassworks was visited by American film actor Armand Assante, known for his role as Napoleon, who blew his own crystal vase.
  • In the successive production process of manual blowing of crystal wine chalice (cups, stem glasses, coasters,) is hidden an organized and precise team work of at least five people. This is only a fraction of all the necessary work, knowledge and effort needed for the creation of only 1 (one!) crystal chalice.
  • Crystal glass has a typical sound, which completely separates it from other types of glass.

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