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Where for a walk?

You can discover Rogaška Slatinacenter and its surroundings while walking on one of the nine footpaths. These have different levels of difficulty, so there are some suitable for everyone. Take a walk through our place unspoilt nature, feel its pulse and see the numerous natural and cultural attractions. You can find the footpaths map in Rogaška Slatina TIC, Tourist Information Center.

  • Altitude difference: 362 m
  • Path length: 2.2 km
  • Walking time: 60 min

Climb the hill and to the viewing tower Janina and then rest your eyes on a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

  • Altitude difference: 297 m
  • Path length: 3.6 km
  • Walking time: 75 min

While walking, visit the magnificent Tržišče village.

Cvetlični hrib
  • Altitude difference: 333 m
  • Path length: 2.9 km
  • Walking time: 60 min

From the famous Saint Ana’s Chapel go to Ivan and Cvetlični hills, then feel the calm Rogaška Slatina pulse.

  • Altitude difference: 319 m
  • Path length: 1.9 km
  • Walking time: 45 min

After a beautiful, well-organized path, take a look at the famous Bellevue viewing point.

Male Rodne
  • Altitude difference: 356 m
  • Path length: 9.9 km
  • Walking time: 3 hours

Mala Rodna footpath leads past Rogaška Slatina numerous attractions. Take a look at them!

Tržaški hrib
  • Altitude difference: 295 m
  • Path length: 1.5 km
  • Walking time: 30 min

Take a walk over Tržaški hill, named after numerous guests from Trieste, who have always visited Rogaška Slatina.

  • Altitude difference: 350 m
  • Path length: 4.8 km
  • Walking time: 90 min

A pleasant footpath leading through Rogaška Slatina center and past Prnek settlement .

  • Altitude difference: 481 m
  • Path length: 14.7 km
  • Walking time: 4 hours

This long, yet easy path provides pleasant recreation along the peaceful Rogaška Slatina countryside.

Grilov hrib
  • Altitude difference: 570 m
  • Path length: 8.3 km
  • Walking time: 2 hours 45 min

Take a walk around Rogaška Slatina surroundings and see Grill Chapel, made by its author in sign of gratitude for his healing.

Polžkova path

Polžkova path leads according Rogaška Slatina map indications on the nearby hills: Janina, Tržišče, Cvetlični and Gril hrib. The walking path was officially opened in 2009 by Polžki section, under the patronage of PD Vrelec Rogaška. You can buy cards for collecting stamps and a route map at Rogaška Slatina TIC, Tourist Information Center.

Map of walking paths

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