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The advantage of healing treatments in Rogaška Slatina is that most of the services to relieve and solve your problems can be implemented here during your retreat. Medical services are available in some hotels, medical centers and at Medical Center Rogaska.

TOP services


Healing procedures using natural remedies such as natural mineral water Donat for drinking therapies, baths or inhalations.

Manager check-ups

The purpose of preventive check-ups is to verify health conditions through systematic investigations or detect possible disease states after 40 years in a timely manner.

Drinking therapies

The drinking therapy is the ritual of drinking Donat, which is prescribed by a doctor of balneology. In combination with selected therapies, it is indispensable in eliminating constipation, obesity and heartburn problems.

Medical wellness

Medical wellness links together classical health services and wellness. Individual medical counseling and care are crucial in this regard.


Our physiotherapists carry out kinesiotherapy, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy and other therapies.

Diagnostic examinations

The diagnostic basis is an individual specialist examination with top diagnostic equipment that enables accurate testing and analysis.

Top health offer

You will be taken care of by experts from aesthetic plastic and vascular surgery, hand surgery, dermatology, physiotherapy and balneotherapy.

Specialized health programs cover gastroenterology, diabetes, weight loss, detoxification and healthy sleep.

Health services

Discover the services that will help you eliminate your illness conditions or alleviate the problems associated with them.

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