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Rogaška Slatina for a week or two?

Restore your body's balance, and your well-being will revert back to its ideal state.

Trust the diagnostics offered based on laboratory tests.

Included services

1x initial examination by a balneologist

The doctor balneologist determines the type, sequence, and proper combination of procedures based on a thorough examination.

1x Donat drink ticket (up to 7 days)

Donat water drinking treatment, in tandem with selected therapies, is essential in the prevention of constipation, obesity, excessive stomach acid secretion, and heartburn.

1x laboratory tests

You can complete a variety of laboratory tests quickly and conveniently in one location by visiting our laboratory. The package includes: blood-draw, hemogram, urine plus sediments, sedimentation, cholesterol, and glucose.

2x magnesium bath

The CO2 mineral bath is supplemented with marine-derived magnesium oil, which enhances mineralization and adds to the myriad health benefits of magnesium on the human body.

2x magnesium oil massage (30 min)

Special deep tissue massage and gua-sha massage are performed using magnesite and jade stones as massage tools. Magnesium oil is directly absorbed through the skin and available to the muscular system, which is dependent on it for optimal performance.

Up to 5 days for ''mini-regeneration''.

Take a short vacation to relax and recharge your batteries. Listen to yourself and your counsellor who will walk you through the regeneration process.

Up to 14 days for ''optimal balance''.

Restore your body's balance, and your well-being will revert back to its ideal state.

"Complete regeneration" after 14 days

Choose a comprehensive treatment that will encourage a complete change in you and your lifestyle.

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