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Longer period of health improvement in Rogaška Slatina?

Choose a comprehensive treatment that will encourage a complete change in you and your lifestyle.

Let yourself be guided by medical and wellness experts.

Included services

1x initial examination by a balneologist

The doctor balneologist determines the type, sequence, and proper combination of procedures based on a thorough examination.

1x Donat drink ticket (up to 14 days)

Donat water drinking treatment, in tandem with selected therapies, is essential in the prevention of constipation, obesity, excessive stomach acid secretion, and heartburn.

1x InBody treatment and nutritional counselling

Healthy, balanced nutrition is critical for maintaining basic life functions and carrying out various types of life activities.

1x laboratory tests

You can complete a variety of laboratory tests quickly and conveniently in one location by visiting our laboratory. The package includes: blood-draw, hemogram, urine plus sediments, sedimentation, cholesterol, and glucose.

1x cardiologist examination with ECG 

In the cardiology clinic, specialised cardiology exams and preventive exams are performed to determine a person's risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

1x specialist examination by a dermatovenerologist

Experienced specialist dermatologists use advanced knowledge and equipment to perform specialist dermatological examinations and dermatological surgical procedures.

1x initial examination by gastroenterologist

Specialists in internal medicine – gastroenterologists, conduct specialised examinations, counselling, and preventive examinations. They are renowned for providing thorough patient care, which they accomplish with the help of other departments.

1x abdominal ultrasound

Abdominal ultrasound examinations are carried out in the ultrasound clinic by specialists.

1x control examination by the balneologist

It is not advised to alter the doctor's treatment plan. It is tailored to the individual needs of the guest, and only the correct combination and execution of the procedures ensures an optimal effect on health and well-being.

3x magnesium bath

The CO2 mineral bath is supplemented with marine-derived magnesium oil, which enhances mineralization and adds to the myriad health benefits of magnesium on the human body.

1x anti-stress head and scalp massage (30 min)

Muscle tension and blockages can be removed quickly, blood circulation is improved, and the mind is relaxed by combining the knowledge of Asian medicine, traditional Indian medicine, and Chinese medicine with effective acupressure techniques.

2x magnesium oil massage (30 min)

Special deep tissue massage and gua-sha massage are performed using magnesite and jade stones as massage tools. Magnesium oil is directly absorbed through the skin and available to the muscular system, which is dependent on it for optimal performance.

2x Bowen therapy (50 min)

Bowen therapy is a manual vibration method. It is effective as a preventative measure or in balancing out pre-existing disorders.

2x palm reflexotherapy with added magnesium oil (40 min)

In palm reflexotherapy, acupuncture points are massaged to improve the physical, emotional, energetic, and psychological state of the entire body. The therapy is deeply relaxing, pleasant, and painless. On the skin's surface, it has a natural lifting and rejuvenating effect.

2x facial reflexology (40 min)

The unique, all-encompassing method combines traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture knowledge, and therapeutic knowledge of the facial zones from the Andes and Vietnam. Therapies help to reduce and eliminate stress.

3x soft-pack magnesium wrap (40 min)

A heated bed called a "soft pack" creates the sensation of floating weightlessly in a soothingly warm embrace of water cushions and massage. The feeling of being almost weightless helps with relaxation.

3x energy relaxation techniques

These techniques include various breathing techniques, guided meditations, energy gathering and grounding techniques, Native American magical gestures, kundalini, tai-chi, heart chakra opening techniques, detoxification techniques, and many more.

Up to 5 days for ''mini-regeneration

Take a short vacation to relax and recharge your batteries. Listen to yourself and your counsellor who will walk you through the regeneration process.

Up to 14 days for ''optimal balance"

Restore your body's balance, and your well-being will revert back to its ideal state.

"Complete regeneration" after 14 days

Choose a comprehensive treatment that will encourage a complete change in you and your lifestyle.

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