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Specialist dermatological examinations and surgery

Need expert medical help for your skin? Experienced specialists dermatologists carry out specialist examinations and dermatosurgical interventions with the help of top equipment. Dermatological clinic specialists carry out skin, hair and nail examinations as well as numerous skin treatments, also in the field of aesthetic dermatology.

Botulinum toxin or Botox

In aesthetics Botox is designed primarily to smoothing and eliminating mimic wrinkles and also effectively prevents the forming of new ones. Mimic wrinkles form because of our mimics or muscle contraction in different facial expressions.


A modern technique in which micro-injections inject active ingredients into the skin middle layer, thus stimulating healing or correction of the chosen region. The skin is deeply moisturized, has improved tone and elasticity, and wrinkles are smoother. Mesotherapy is successful for the following problems: tired skin look, loss of tone and gloss, wrinkles and slippage, harmful effects of sunbathing.

Removal of skin growths

Skin changes (pigment marks, scars, clogged sebaceous pores, warts, etc.) are treated with lasers, skin abrasion or chemical peeling. Some need to be removed surgically after a preventive dermatologist diagnosis.

Diamond peeling

With the microdermabrasion procedure, the epidermis is gradually peeled with laser-treated diamond tips and vacuum, thereby removing dead skin cells, accelerating micro circulation and regenerating the skin. We recommend it for hyper pigmentation, impure skin, scars, wrinkles, slipped skin, stretch marks and anti-inflammatory acne.

Laser body hair removal

Hair removal using medical lasers is one of the most effective ways to permanently eliminate body hair. Excessive body hair can negatively affect the individual's well-being and self-esteem.

Hair loss

Hair loss or alopecia is a common phenomenon that causes distress and disorientation in individuals . Patients may experience hair loss, poor quality and thinning or may have bare areas on the scalp. A dermatologist finds its cause, then begins a treatment with the help of information on lifestyle, internal causes,loss course and a professional examination.

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