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The Rogaška Health Formula Relax, recharge batteries and heal your body and soul!

Re(store) you health

Rogaška Slatina awaits you with a vacation where you can rest, regain strength, and heal your body and soul. You can choose whether to spend the vacation – actively or leisurely.

The Rogaška Health Formula is a comprehensive product that promotes a Green vacation. It consists of three programmes that vary in size and type of services while being timed to the number of your vacation days. Experts from various fields of health and well-being will guide you through the regeneration process as part of the selected programme. They will show you how to maintain your improved condition and carry on with your new lifestyle even after you return home.

Select the ideal package for you

Up to 5 days for ''mini-regeneration''

Treat yourself to a short vacation to relax and regain your strength. Listen to yourself as well as your counsellor who will guide you through the regeneration process

Up to 14 days for ''optimal balance''

Your wellbeing will return to its ideal state once you reestablish your body's balance. Embrace the diagnostics offered based on laboratory tests.

"Complete regeneration" after 14 days

Choose a comprehensive treatment that will encourage a complete change in you and your lifestyle. Let yourself be guided by medical and wellness experts.

»Rogaška water wholesomeness has been proven by numerous analyses and researches, and confirmed by countless satisfied guests from Slovenia and abroad«.

Nataša Nikolić, MD

Download the Donat application for free to take care of your metabolism and the health of your digestive system even at home.

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