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Rogaška Slatina Flavours

From Tradition to Prestige

Rogaška Slatina is a destination with a rich glassmaking tradition, which has also significantly marked the local cuisine. In the past, most of its inhabitants worked in Steklarna glassworks - male glassblowers, »glažarji«, blew glass and made glass products, while female glass grinding workers, "žlajferke", grinded and carved them. They lived modestly, which is also reflected in the traditional dishes they produced themselves. This area is still characterized by: buckwheat bread, minced lard, sausage called "meso iz kible", mlinčevka, a layered roll pie with egg cheese filling and other dishes.

Today, the dishes are updated, adapted to the taste of the present and the energy needs of the people. Still they reflect the spirit of the tradition and stories that were written in this area. Get to know and taste them in four different ways, in three Steklarska juž'na packages.

Discover "Steklarska juž'na!" (Glassworks Lunch)

Glassworks Lunch is a 3-course menu consisting of Rogaška Slatina traditional flavours in a modern and innovative version: prestigious, healthy, VIP or genuinely traditional. The menu consists of:

- A little cutting board to start
- Glass Strength
- Sweet sin

Steklarska juž'na: Healthy Edition

A culinary experience, where you will get to know Rogaška Slatina traditional flavours in a lighter version.

Price for two persons:

79 EUR

Steklarska juž'na: Local Edition

A culinary experience, where you will get to know Rogaška Slatina traditional dishes.

Price for two persons:

69 EUR

Steklarska juž'na: Prestige Edition

You will get to know the traditional Rogaška Slatina flavours through a modern and innovative reconstruction of dishes.

Price for two persons:

89 EUR

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